TOP 5 sales POS systems in 2021
For an effective Business operation, Business owners should take three layers of information into consideration for smooth processing and management. The first is how to sell, businesses should plan basic sales steps, install a basic sales system including POS machines to handle offline orders, receive and process online orders at the same time from social networking sites, loyalty apps, websites, etc. Besides, basic reports should also be supervised on warehouse management and customer information archive.

The next layer is when the sales process has been run smoothly by the business, it is the next question on how to optimize data, understand customers to evaluate product quality and position according to customers’ feedback and behavior? KAS has fully developed extensive and ready-to-open features for Enterprises such as customer relationship management (CRM) system, financial and revenue reports by product, payment method or customer group. Simultaneously, depending on the industry or model, KAS will provide timekeeping software with customized formula and typical features of each Enterprise.

The last layer is when businesses collected a fairly complete data about products and buyers target, the automatic analysis system will be a useful and accurate assistant for business owners to evaluate their business strategy along with resources and finance, maximum use of costs will be ensured to create sales and marketing campaigns for the chosen market and audience with actual interest, along with approach plans and expand market share.

The following are the leading units in providing sales and management software for Chain Model Enterprises to help you develop an effective business model:

Part of a multinational company network with more than 250 branches, R-Keeper specializes in providing solutions for the F&B industry such as offline sales applications and online on R-Keeper hardware, Sky Menu application helps customers order on tablet, scan order code on smartphone, pay directly on application, KDS kitchen management application

In addition to the sales system, R-Keeper also provides a web-based back office solution to help manage the sales system and revenue report system, the business situation of the chain can be viewed on the phone.

With a globally trusted reputation, a team of experts and deep understanding, R-Keeper is good for Chain Model Enterprises with huge sales and management problems, all are running and being managed by technology ecosystem of R-Keeper.

With more than 10 years of experience in connecting-developing sales and management software solutions for more than 2000 Enterprises in chains, F&B, Retail and Service stores.

KAS's software is flexible, suitable for many different industries and models, the interactive interface is adapted to the business model and brand identity. KAS has developed and completed the back office management software with customer management, attendance management, accounting system and warehouse management, project tracking and task management, everything is on a single platform of KAS

A seamless system of management from sales to back-office will fully support enterprises to develop maximum control and operation capabilities. With a complete system for analysis and operation, KAS' software is aimed at medium and large-sized enterprises, provide high management and expansion.

KAS has been connecting with many other partners from social media channels, loyalty apps, points accumulation apps, delivery services, payment gateways and e-wallets, in order to bring solutions. The most complete software that connects to the enterprise's sales management system & POS system

iPOS.vn is a company specializing in manufacturing and trading professional and modern software and hardware solutions in the field of restaurant/café management, it is a good choice for various service models, its desire is to support investors in the establishment of a closed sales - administration - marketing process.

iPOS offers professional and friendly sales management solutions, CRM system for marketing and membership management, connect delivery and payment partners, cooking management with Smart Kitchen devices, management with a report system to control business performance.

This brand is reputable with its Cukcuk sale management product for start-up F&B and Retail Businesses and demands an easy-to-use packaging product.

The products brought by MISA including coffee shop management and sales software, online sales connection, simple report system, and recently, customer care service has been launched by the company.

Cukcuk products are exclusively for restaurant business. With more than 25 years of experience in the software industry as well as research and development based on the most basic operations of a restaurant, to ensure the best performance regardless of its large or small size, single chain.

Hop Nhat
A unit with over 10 years of experience in providing management software solutions & information technology applications for businesses. Currently, Hop Nhat has been implementing solutions for over 200 businesses in Vietnam

Relipos sales software of Hop Nhat is operated offline and online on Windows platform, customers can order on the table and there is a kitchen system to manage cooking time and progress. Hop Nhat's back office management software offers a good opportunity for businesses to view revenue reports at each store on the web platform. For the moment, Hop Nhat's software only allows connection with payment units such as Momo, ZaloPay and VNPay

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