Human Resource Management Solution on Smac Cloud

Digitize and store all personnel records in the Enterprise, manage information centrally, minimize the possibility of information errors during the working process. Connect and synchronize attendance data at every branch, every business location. Automatic and flexible salary calculation with parameters automatically defined by Enterprises, easy, accurate and save-time payroll establishment

Digitize personnel records

Diverse shift management

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Multi-form attendance

Payroll Management

Digitize personnel records

The enterprise's personnel information is stored centrally, help leaders and managers to easily look up and extract information.

Manage personnel contracts by contract type such as official contract, apprenticeship, probationary, internship, seasonal... Control seniority, working history of personnel within the Enterprise.

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Diverse shift management

Allow Leaders and Managers to develop timekeeping sanctions for Enterprises, support easy salary calculation

Set up shifts in the office or business location on the system, help employees save a lot of time compared to manual work. Build many working shifts, apply to Enterprises and many different branches such as: Fixed shift, Rotating shift, half-fixed shift and free time shift

Multi-form attendance
Set up many forms of attendance according to business demands such as Timekeeper, check in via Website, Mobile App, Face ID. Allow attendance checking via GPS positioning, it is required to set the GPS location for attendance and allowable radius, users may conveniently check attendance from Smartphone.

HR automatically checks individual's attendance status on the online system

Attendance data from branches will be automatically synchronized and stored centrally, quickly grasp the status of personnel at branches and business locations, from attendance data, payroll for employees will be automatically generated

Prepare annual leave document and easily approve documents via Smartphone or Website, help to save staff's working time

Payroll Management
Develop salary parameters according to each Enterprise's demands, easily set up payroll with formulas based on created parameters

Connect with departments' operations, support to obtain payroll data such as Sales, jobs, KPIs, shorten the manual calculation process and limit many errors

Personnel directly view their payroll on the system, save cost without printing payroll and shorten the required time to send email to each employee

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