Smac Cloud

Business management solution

Smac Cloud is a online working environment on Internet, with a closed-loop process of management from System Control - Accounting- HRM - Customer & CRM - Projects - Works - POS - Website, where each individual user can easily capture the infomation, communicate with others and receive other benefits from the system to work efficiently

Smac Cloud is built and stored in digital clouds. It is can operated in no time and flexibly linked to other system of your business. Besides, the system also intergrates multiple apps: Mobile Payment, Loyalty, Ecommerce Website, Wifi Marketing, Financial Accounting, E-Invoice, digital signature which can link to ERP solution suppliers

All - in - one data Management

Appropriate for all kinds of business models

Chain Stores operation

API- unlimited connection

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Working on multi-platform

Multi-model operating management

Specific customize

Remotely business management

HRM - Human Resource Management

Employee profile: all employee information is stored in a single location for tracking and accessing easily by admin.
Employee can do their check in and out, track workshift, KPI and private salary in real time.

Workshift: building different types of workshift including fixed, split, irregular and rotating shifts.

Checkin/out: Checkin/out of everybody is auto-sync to system of all stores in realtime. help you save managing time and control employee's performance.

Facial Recognition Check-in via GPS: users can check-in with their own smartphone app. Face recognition technology allows attendees to check-in using only their face

Salary: Automatically set salary based on real working time, department, missions, pay scale... in your working system

Link to other profession to get datas including KPI, allowance, sales, ... help you save your time and minimize mistakes

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CRM - Customer Relation Management

Planning: Individual sales plan for each employee, help them stick along the plan, and control their own monthly performance. help business set bonus for sales and create automated salary table

Marketing: Build marketing plan, measure and assess the result in details of every campaign

Link to and get data from Website, Landing Page, Facebook, Zalo OA, Google Ads... elevate the efficiency of the marketing campaign and approach more customers

Build automated customer care via Email, Website, Facebook, Zalo OA, Sms…Save your time and miss no one

Selling: Receive orders from linked channel such as Zalo, Facebook, Website, App Loyalty, e commerce. Manage all orders in one place, access orders online or lead orders to stores

Automation feature in CRM helps Business automate cusstomer care process with vouchers, surveys, payment, membership... with less effort and time

Build sales policy for partners to save time in calculating commission

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Sales - Selling management

B2B model: Seller manage their working process from Lead to Deal, from Quotation to Contract with approve function . Accounting department will make sales invoice based on approved contract and control payable accounts

B2C model: Seller can sales product and service on ecommerce, Zalo, Facebook, Website... the order will auto sync to the system to optimize sales income. With multi-stores management tool, business can control or lead manually or automatically orders to other locations

Purchasing & Debt management

Order: The process starts from receiving orders from customers and intenal orders, purchasing department will check and make "purchasing request" - "purchase order" - "delivery form" with automated and accurated data

Purchasing: Make Purchase invoice and Debt Account management with partners, this action linked to payment function to support accounting activities

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Balance sheet

Cashbook: Make receipt and invoice and cashbook to support purchasing and selling activities

Planning: Plan the annual expenses of bussiness for every expenses, prepare monthly operation expenses to control the cash flow

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Accurate - compact

Assets management

Control status, description, details of assets and business equipments
Update use off assets activity based on available assets in real time
Filter assets by groups, users,...

Manage depreciation details and inventory off assets
Auto-depreciate in realtime
Update depreciation time, value and take over

Project Management

Project: Manage partner's project and business project, assign and organize staffs.

Build working steps and its manager
Support business to check the progress and understand the situation in the project easily and clearly

Work: build weekly, monthly, yearly working plan all departments

Link to HR system, allows user make assignment, comment, exchange, share data and working materials

Data Storage helps business be able to store data in one place, easy to access and use.
Staff can share or store their date in a safety way on the system

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Users can share useful information or news on intranet page anytime and comment with emotional icons, tags or attached files.
Notifications will be sent to users for further interactions

Call, message or meeting functions will help business work anywhere anytime with synchronized information

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Mobile App
Mobile operating app

Mobile App helps leader and manager understand business situation, and do all work on their smartphone

Allows manager give assignment to employee/ department
Easily collect info of internal project, customer and paper approvals for HR department. Checkin/out, internal calls and customer can be get done with mobile app

KAS Technology Joint Stock Company

Adress: B03 Binh Minh Apartment, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Bank account: 1170205610
Bank name: BIDV - Binh Dien Sai Gon Branch


Contact KAS
Hotline: 1900 2137



KAS Location
Headquarter in Ho Chi Minh city
Address: B03 Binh Minh Apartment, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Contact number: 028 6656 6284
Hotline: 1900 2137
Partnership:  0936 678 668 (Ms. Linh)
Branch Office in Da Nang
Address: 20 Dinh Cong Trang Street, Thuan Phuoc ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city
Contact number: 0931 331 429
PIC: Tran Thai Bao
Representative Office in Ha Noi
Address: No. 4 Lane 91, 318 De La Thanh Street, Ha Noi city
Contact number: 0904 136 056
PIC: Bui Quoc Viet
Representative Office in Buon Me Thuot
Address: 138/29/12 Y Ngong, Buon Me Thuot City, Dak Lak province
Contact number: 0905 643 797
PIC: Hoang Thuy Chung