Perceptive concept of O2O?

What is O2O?

O2O stands for Online to Offline. This is a new business model in which retailers use both online and offline channels as an in-depth strategy, draw potential customers from online channels to make their purchase in physical stores.

Initially, the O2O revolution was led by Alibaba, the second e-commerce giant all over the world. During a conference held at Hangzhou in 2016, Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding, introduced the concept of "Innovative Retail" driven by "the integration of online, offline, logistics and data on a single value chain”. As for reason, he demonstrated that e-commerce soon becoming a traditional business, pure e-commerce participants are expected to encounter enormous challenges in the very near future.

Why O2O solutions are necessary for customers?

The first and most significant benefit offered by O2O to retailers is brand reputation. Branding will be much simpler and more effective with online capabilities such as advertising, social media, e-wallets, SMS, mobile apps, push SMS, regional services, combination with real-time data analysis, system integration and AI

An important factor leading to the success of an O2O business is to improve customer loyalty and increase revenue simultaneously. O2O commerce will be followed by a strategy that the customer experience will be optimized by retailers. During their shopping journey, customers are offered online and offline irresistible benefits. With all available information about an online brand, product or service, customers can make faster and smarter decisions on what they are going to spend their money.

Another benefit of O2O retailer is that this strategy will boost your marketing by minimizing time to market. It supports to collect the interest and online shopping behavior of customers, O2O also helps to reduce the time from product formation until the product is available for sale. For example, online channels may advise a fashion brand which items, colors or styles are most searched after, the customer demand is thus anticipated and avoid out-of-stock situations.
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